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About Us

Proteros Data Systems Ltd. is a group of individuals who became tired and disillusioned with working for global organisations and decided to bring their blue chip knowledge and experience to small, local businesses instead of seeing their ideas fall on deaf ears in the corporate world.

In the post coronavirus world (COVID-19) the need to have an online presence is, what we believe, to be the difference between those companies that survive and those that get left behind. Gone are the days where a web site was merely an electronic brochure. Today's web sites not only have to be interactive but must adapt themselves to whatever device potential customers use to browse the internet. Furthermore, the whole customer experience needs to be smooth, effortless and to allow the customer to navigate to where they want to be quickly.

Search engines have also evolved over the years and no longer rank sites simply by keywords. Web sites that are not active are not indexed near the top of any search. Keeping a site active is now a full time job as not only the web site content, blogs and other material needs to be constantly updated but Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and many other social media sites also need to be maintained as they all feed into any web sites ranking. 

Here at Proteros we work with our clients to help develop interactive web sites and advise and help our clients  with their Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) and online sales. We look to build long-term relationships so that we become the partner of choice when it comes to building and maintaining an internet presence.

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