Are Card Readers Sinful?

According to a 2017 survey of more than 1,000 Christian it showed that young adults are more likely to embrace e-giving, with 75% aged between 25 to 34 saying they would choose to give electronically if they could but older churchgoers are more reluctant to pay for a donation with a plastic card.

When it comes to giving, churchgoers increasingly are asking for options beyond dropping cash in the plate. Choices have expanded to include swiping a debit or credit card on a PIN-protected card reader, giving electronically by logging in to a church website and even pressing mobile phone buttons to make an offering.

With the closure of churches due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic it is becoming more evident than ever before that churches need to find a way of having a constant revenue stream to remain stable as well as being prepared for when they are allowed to open under government guidelines. Having e-payments must form part of any long term strategy as we as a society move away from using and handling cash.

Having low cost, contract free card readers provides a church with the ability to take payments electronically, thus removing the need for anyone to handle cash and avoids any associated health hazards as well.

Furthermore, this gives the church instant payment into the bank account without having to visit a bank branch.

Some church communities may view that having a card reader is like converting the church to a business and they are reluctant to move with the times. But how sinful is it to support your church with the use of a card reader taking electronic money rather than taking and handling cash?

Houses of worship seem to fall into three camps in online giving:

  1. There are those that have no interest in it or are so small they don’t see the need.

  2. There are those that are comfortable accepting donations with everything but credit cards.

  3. Finally, some accept donations via everything from a piggy bank to a smartphone.

Despite churchgoers’ growing enthusiasm, the percentage of people who are actually giving to their churches via card is still relatively small. Young adults like the convenience of paying electronically and have grown up with a wide range of digital options and so are more comfortable with high-tech giving.

Perhaps it is time for church communities across the UK to consider this for their church? Even if you do not want to use card payments for your regular Sunday services why not provide the facility for Weddings, Funerals or Baptisms where the amount being paid is relatively higher than Sunday services and removes the burden of handling that amount of cash?

Here at The Big Green Mountain Group we have a number of solutions that all church communities can benefit from. We can help you develop and upgrade your internet and social media and take payments online. Our physical card reader solutions help in reducing your reliance on cash and the health hazards handling cash brings.