Card readers for the common man.

Since the adoption of chip and PIN card readers in the UK, security for cardholders has drastically improved. Not only are these readers found in large stores and banks but they are now found throughout small pop-up shops, restaurants and with sole traders. The size and convenience of these card readers allow for alternative and secure payment methods to cash.

The days when payment terminals were wired to a wall are over. The mobile chip and pin machine has arrived with enough portability to suit any number of small and medium sized businesses that could previously only function as cash-only enterprises.

Card Readers today are more secure and more mobile than ever before. Their technological advancements are ever-evolving, and they are already moving into position to become the global standard for payment processing.

Today’s card readers connect to any Android or Apple device and are typically compact, inexpensive and quick to set up, and with contactless capabilities they prepare you for an instant transition when smartphone payments become the norm. Contactless payment machines are often small and slim enough to fit into your pocket and support chip and PIN functionality as well.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are loosened and people begin to start shopping on the high street again, as well going out to visit pubs and coffee shops, the contactless card reader is undoubtedly the payment vehicle of choice for reducing our reliance on cash and for reducing the health hazards associated with handling cash. They are the ideal choice for small and medium sized businesses which in the past have handled cash as their normal payment method as well as for trades people who can have them on their person for instant payment of any job.

Here at the Big Green Mountain Group we offer a number of contactless card reader solutions with flexible terms and competitive prices.

Our iZettle® solution, for example, has no fixed term contract making it ideal for startups of small and medium sized businesses looking to move away from their reliance on cash. We can also offer a number of attractive offers and discounts on our other card reader options. We offer a completely transparent model where there are no hidden charges or rates. Even if you are currently in a card reader contract, talk to us and see how we can help you save and grow your payment options.