Restaurants - during and beyond the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a negative impact on many small business but restaurants face tough questions as to whether to reopen or quit. Customers can't eat with masks on, and they can't be served their plates while waiters are staying 6 feet away from them. Nor can restaurants separate employees in cramped kitchens, which are designed for compact efficiency and speed.

Many restaurants may not survive in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and those that do may be very different than the restaurants of the past.

Every restaurateur's worst fear is an outbreak associated with their business, among either staff or guests, that harms the health of customers and workers, requires quarantining and damages the restaurant's reputation, possibly beyond salvage.

Restaurateurs and pub landlords know there will be fewer people dining out.

When it comes to eating out, we are seeing restaurants adapt to meet customer's needs which could see physical menus and cash payments become rare if not extinct alongside communal condiments like salt and pepper.

Here at The Big Green Mountain Group we have a number of solutions that independent restaurants can benefit from. We can help you develop and upgrade your internet and social media to promote your electronic menu and take payments online. Our physical card reader solutions help in reducing your reliance on cash and the health hazards handling cash brings.