The Cashless Revolution

As you are all probably aware, cash is no longer king. Many news sources such as The Guardian have reported over the years about the decline of cash as a payment method, and The Telegraph stated in February of 2020 that Britain is on course to become a cashless society within the next ten years. Therefore, if you are an existing business owner or someone who is looking to start up it is vital that you take this into account. We are no longer working to draw out our hard-earned money from the cash machine but rather to keep it there and spend using the plastic in our wallets. As early as October 2016 Mastercard were also reporting that a majority of Britons only carry £5.00 in their wallets, and as we all know a cup of coffee could cost you more than that!

Web MD reported on 15th April 2020 that it is possible to get coronavirus (COVID-19) from handling cash, so even on a basic level there is now a potentially serious health risk to only accepting cash as a business that was not there previously. You must therefore ask yourself serious questions such as how much is your health worth to you? The current coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the process of a cashless society, as simple actions such as touching a handrail or picking up a box of cereal from a shelf at the supermarket now entails a certain amount of risk.

Even if you ignore the problem of cash handling being the issue, you still have to consider the other aspect that this entails. Eventually you’ll need to queue up at the bank in order to deposit the cash into your bank account, and as such you’ll then have to spend a long time in a queue with others who could potentially be carrying the virus. For example, paying in machines are used by multiple people each day and it may only take a sneeze, cough or unwashed hand to make the next person that uses the machine become vulnerable. Even if you put the health aspects aside, how much more business could you be doing instead of queuing up at the bank?

So, when you consider all of the above you may be wondering what you can do about it? Well, we can help you to streamline your business with a number of affordable & flexible credit/debit card solutions that also help to protect you against the many health risks that are currently present in the world. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on the fact that our solutions are highly affordable, and can save our customers money on fees and other charges that they may have previously been unaware of from their existing solution provider.

This alone is surely worth a discussion with us as we offer transparency and could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds per year compared to other similar products. We have various solutions to suit any number of different situations, we are extremely flexible in what we can offer and look forward to hearing from you.

You have nothing to lose by speaking to us, so the ultimate question is what do you have to lose by doing so? Can you really afford not to? You’ve got everything to gain that’s for sure!